Our mission is to support quality public education so that every child realizes their full potential from birth to career. we focus on (1) supporting student academic achievement (2) engaging the community to support public education.

Our accomplishments

  • Convened 7 community forums (2015-2019) with total attendance of over 470 concerned community members.

  • Established SFHS math tutoring program.

  • Recruited over 60 tutors for Communities In Schools (CIS,) Adelante, and SFPS.

  • Leadership for Math Amigos (training program for teachers and tutors in math pedagogy.)

  • Supported SFPS with exit interviews, creation of a volunteer handbook, and providing volunteers for community events.

  • Provided resource mapping of community programs in SFPS middle schools; adopted as the pilot entries in B2C collaboration hub database.

  • Ongoing advocacy for education funding at the State Legislature. Helped draft and pass legislation to better define and expand the NM “Community Schools Act”.

  • Principal for a day coordination program.

  • Established renewed support and content for the Education Page of the Santa Fe New Mexican.